You must first ask yourself a few simple questions; do you want to become a brother in the world’s most exclusive fraternal organization? Do you reflect on the nature of your existence and your obligations to God, your family, and yourself? If such ethical and moral questions hold little interest for you, then will gain little benefit from the teachings of Freemasonry.

    If you seek a more meaningful quality of life — and the spirit of charity and good fellowship that flows from it — then Freemasonry has much to offer you.

    If you don’t find a friend who is already a Mason, stop by the Masonic Temple on the 1st or 3rd Wednesday of the month about a half hour before the meeting which starts at 7:30 P.M. Locate the “Tyler” whose job during the meetings is to act as an outer guard to insure that no non-member is allowed to disturb the meeting. He will either provide you with a petition or introduce you to someone from the Lodge who can sit down and answer any questions that you might have regarding the fraternity. We want you to know what we believe, how we act, and what we do — then, should you become a Mason, you can be proud to be our brother and to participate in our work. Only those who desire membership because of their favorable impression of us should petition.

    Finally, you should select a lodge whose meeting nights will pose no conflict with your current activities. We have lodges meeting on almost every night of the week.

    To become a Freemason, you must:

Be a man at least 19 years of age.

Be of good moral character.

Have personal belief in a Supreme Being.

Decide to become a Mason of you own free will and accord.

Be loyal to your country.

Dedicated to providing for your family.

Have a sincere determination to conduct yourself in a manner that will earn the respect and trust of others.

Possess a desire to help others through community service and universal benevolence

    An applicant, whose petition has been accepted by the lodge, is advised of the date his Entered Apprentice Degree has been scheduled. On the date, following a brief ritualistic opening of the lodge, the petitioner is properly prepared and introduced to the lodge. The solemn process is an enlightening experience and the candidate need never worry that embarrassing or compromising situations will arise during this or any other degree.

    After receiving the Entered Apprentice Degree, you will be expected to memorize several passages of the Ritual and help will be extended to you during the learning process.

    Having learned the required ritualistic work and satisfying the Lodge of your proficiency, you will be asked to return for the conferral of your Fellow Craft Degree. Following the proficiency examination of that Degree, you will advance to the last and highest Degree of Ancient Craft Masonry — the Sublime Degree of Master Mason.

    If you would like further information about becoming a Mason, please click here and send us an email and a member of the Lodge will contact you.
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